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Ear Candle Therapy

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Ear Candles have been used all over the world with great success for many years, and are used traditionally by Shaman healers. Their roots are in Asia and can be traced back to the Indians of North and South America.

Hopi CandlingThis knowledge was brought to Europe from the Hopi people, the oldest Pueblo tribe. Hopi means peaceful people, people of peace. The Hopi were the first settled Pueblo Indians of the North American Continent.

Ear Candles are an effective therapy that can be used for many problems related to the ear and head. Common complaints treated with Ear Candle Therapy are:

  • Anxiety and sleep disturbances
  • Excessive or compacted wax
  • Pressure e.g. after flying or swimming
  • Nausea / dizziness (Ménières, Vertigo)
  • Noises in the ears
  • Glue ear
  • Earache

The lymph system and metabolism can also be enhanced by this pleasant and painless method of local heat application.

We use Biosun Ear Candles at The Riverside Clinic. These candles are made using natural ingredients including honey extracts, essential oil of sage, 100% pure beeswax, crushed traditional Indian medicinal herbs (mainly sage and camomile), beta-carotene, and a pesticide-free woven cotton.

Please call the Riverside Clinic for details.

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