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Homeopathy is a non-addictive, safe and gentle form of medicine that can be used to treat anyone from infancy to old age. Treatment is effective for a wide range of emotional, physical and psychological complaints, whether the patient has been suffering for hours, months or years.

Homeopathy has various approaches and is suited for treating major as well as minor illnesses, alongside conventional treatment if you so wish.

HomeopathyWhen you become ill (in a state of disease) your body is simply showing that it is out of balance. Symptoms of illness are usually the body's way of attempting to heal itself.

The aim of homeopathy is to stimulate the body's natural energy and immune system, so it can heal itself.

Homeopathic remedies have all been tested on human volunteers, not animals. They are non-toxic, so have no side effects, and are not addictive. All remedies are prepared from natural sources such as plant extracts and minerals. These are preserved in alcohol and then diluted. Remedies are taken in pill or liquid form.

Homeopathy is not a physical therapy, so no touch is required for treatment. During the consultation, you will be asked about your medical history, sleep quality, energy levels, appetite, food intolerance, mood, and emotional reactions, etc.  Our Homeopath takes time to listen, so that he can treat the whole person.

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