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About Champissage

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ChampissageThe head represents who you are. It is the centre of your nervous system, the seat of your intelligence and it gives you your identity.

If your head feels good, you feel good.

Champissage works with your body's energy to help with:

  • Stress-related conditions
  • General and specific relaxation of muscles
  • Dispersal of toxins
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia and disturbed sleep
  • Eye strain and tension headaches
  • Circulation
  • Sinusitis

Champissage has been practiced in India for over 4000 years. (Champi is the Hindu word for head massage and is the origin of our word shampoo.) It is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing and forms a part of daily life in India:

Women give their children and grandchildren regular head massage to improve their general wellbeing and the condition of their hair.
Barbers in India usually follow a haircut with a short Champissage to improve the condition and circulation of the scalp.
Champissage is also used in rituals such as wedding celebrations.

A more defined version of head massage was introduced into England by Narendra Mehta in 1981. Blind since infancy, Mehta became very sensitive to the power of touch and began his own research into Indian Head Massage, leading to the practise of Champissage.

The aim of Champissage is to release the stress that has built up in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Your scalp, face, neck and shoulders are massaged gently and rhythmically until tension simply floats away. It is a safe, simple, effective therapy that:

  • Increases circulation to the brain
  • Promotes a sense of calmness
  • Releases anxiety
  • De-stresses the whole body.

Please call the Riverside Clinic for details.


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